Book Review: Food: A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan


I have never been to a Jim Gaffigan stand-up comedy show or read his first book, Dad is Fat, which was a big success and made it onto the New York Times Best Seller’s list for 17 weeks.  All I knew before reading this book was he is a famous stand-up comedian that made fun of “Hot Pockets”.  When I received this book from the UPS deliveryman I needed a break from writing something boring, so I was really  excited to open the box and found this book in it.  Hey, this guy is a comedian right? his book should be funny then and it would be a nice break from what I was doing earlier.  As expected, this book is funny maybe hilarious would be a better description.  After picking up this book, I still have not gone back to my original writing task (cause I could not put this book down, and yes I read kind of slow)!

Sometimes I feel like this book is written by a ten years old boy.  He does not care about calories or how unhealthy the food he is consuming, all he cares about is his happiness or his tummy’s happiness.   All the food he likes you can probably find them on the kid’s menu: Hamburger, Hot Dog, Pizza, Cheese, Fries…. you get the idea.   Anything that screams “healthy” he would automatically dislike it, like the bean soup story he told.  He was happy one of the parents bought a bean soup to the meeting.  After a sip or bowl he was still pleased but once he learned there was kale in it, ohhhhh the story changes fast.   What’s wrong with a little kale?  You could not even taste it.

Don’t get me wrong, I eat unhealthy time to time like fast food restaurants, but I try to avoid it as much as possible. No one has that much time to cook or eat a normal dine-in restaurant, both of them cost minimum of 90 minutes.  Cooking: grocery shopping>cleaning the raw food> cutting/chopping> the actual cooking> eat> then cleaning the dishes and POTS.  Eating out isn’t much faster: wait for a table (sometimes you might have to wait for a hostess/host)>wait for server>get the drink>wait for server again>order>wait for food>eat>wait for server to come back with a dessert menu or check.  So fast foods might be a better choice sometimes because of the convenience but not because that’s what I crave for or desire.

Remember he is a stand-up comedian, so when he writes about the food he dislikes, it might come off as offensive to some people.  According to him, I like to eat insects from the ocean and am a weirdo because I don’t mind eating salads/veggies without any dressings or cheese.  However I get this is just his style of writing and what makes this book entertaining,   I do find it odd that someone would say they like sushi but only order Californian rolls and eat them with ketchup or eating a piece of “well-done” steak (that’s a waste of steak!!)

This book is written for anyone who likes to eat and cannot afford to lose an arm or leg to eat at those high-end restaurants.  I like how he only writes a paragraph at most 2 pages about each food, so if you don’t like that topic you are not stuck on it for a quarter of the book like most of the other books written about foods.  I also like how he adds pictures into book to show some of the foods and his family (his beautiful wife and five adorable children). Although our tastes might be very different, I still really enjoyed the book.

4.5 out of 5

I received a copy of this book from Blogging for Books for this honest review.


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