Book Review: Last One Home by Debbie Macomber

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Last One Home (ARC copy)
Written by: Debbie Macomber
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 978-0-553-39188-6

Synopsis from

Growing up, Cassie Carter and her sisters, Karen and Nichole, were incredibly close — until one fateful event drove them apart. After high school, Cassie ran away from home to marry the wrong man, throwing away a college scholarship and breaking her parents’ hearts. To make matters worse, Cassie had always been their father’s favorite — a sentiment that weighed heavily on her sisters and made Cassie’s actions even harder to bear.

Now thirty-one, Cassie is back in Washington, living in Seattle with her daughter and hoping to leave her past behind. After ending a difficult marriage, Cassie is back on her own two feet, the pieces of her life slowly but surely coming together. Despite the strides Cassie’s made, she hasn’t been able to make peace with her sisters. Karen, the oldest, is a busy wife and mother, balancing her career with raising her two children. And Nichole, the youngest, is a stay-at-home mom whose husband indulges her every whim. Then one day, Cassie receives a letter from Karen, offering what Cassie thinks may be a chance to reconcile. And as Cassie opens herself up to new possibilities — making amends with her sisters, finding love once more — she realizes the power of compassion, and the promise of a fresh start.

My Review:

This is my first time reading a book by Debbie Macomber.  I know she is a very popular Romance/Chick-Lit author, but her recent Christmas theme books did not fascinate me enough to get one.  Thanks Goodreads for giving me a chance to read her latest book which is not based off of Christmas.  After reading this novel, I have to say I love her writing style!

Domestic violence is a very tricky and ultra sensitive topic to write about, but Macomber manged to make the novel light and fun to read.  The main focus is on one of the sisters- Cassie, the one who experienced domestic violence, but her sisters stories are as interesting.  The thing I like the most is how Cassie works hard to build her new life like habitat for humanity, taking on extra job and going through beauty school to get her hair-dresser license.   She does not put on the pity act and beg for money.  She deserves the happy ending -forgiveness, family, friends, and love

4 out of 5 stars

Received a free ARC through Goodreads First Read Program in exchange for an honest review.



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