Month: August 2015

Book Review: Rooville by Julie Long


Title: Rooville
Author: Julie Long
Publisher: SparkPress
Pub Date: September 2015
IBSN: 978-1-940716-60-2

Synopsis from the back cover:
A New Age twist on the age-old question: Can you ever go home again?

TV weatherman Owen Martin is relieved to leave Southern California- the monotonous, mild climate; the hip, holistic trends-and head home to Iowa, back to the four seasons and the simple life he knew before his father died.  But he can’t predict the atmospheric pressure awaiting him: The town his family founded has become the center of the Transcendental Meditation movement and all things alternative.  There are mass meditations and dosha discussions, a vegan cafe has replaced the burger joint, and all the doors now face east.  Far worse, however, is what the meditation mayor has planned for the Martin family’s farm.

In a Town dived between “Regular” and “Roos” (gurus), Owen is sure where he stands-until he falls for levitator.  Before he knows it, he’s caught in a veritable tornado of midwesternness vs. mindfulness.  Can he save the farm, get the girl, and reunite the town?  Maybe…if he’s willing to forecast a change in the weather.

My Review: