Book Review: Rooville by Julie Long


Title: Rooville
Author: Julie Long
Publisher: SparkPress
Pub Date: September 2015
IBSN: 978-1-940716-60-2

Synopsis from the back cover:
A New Age twist on the age-old question: Can you ever go home again?

TV weatherman Owen Martin is relieved to leave Southern California- the monotonous, mild climate; the hip, holistic trends-and head home to Iowa, back to the four seasons and the simple life he knew before his father died.  But he can’t predict the atmospheric pressure awaiting him: The town his family founded has become the center of the Transcendental Meditation movement and all things alternative.  There are mass meditations and dosha discussions, a vegan cafe has replaced the burger joint, and all the doors now face east.  Far worse, however, is what the meditation mayor has planned for the Martin family’s farm.

In a Town dived between “Regular” and “Roos” (gurus), Owen is sure where he stands-until he falls for levitator.  Before he knows it, he’s caught in a veritable tornado of midwesternness vs. mindfulness.  Can he save the farm, get the girl, and reunite the town?  Maybe…if he’s willing to forecast a change in the weather.

My Review: 

I really enjoyed the book.  I felt like I had a strong connection with the main character, Owen.  We both have left our home cities/towns since we were teenagers and did not expect it to change a bit.  Although I have visited it many times after I moved and saw the changes, I still remember it as it how I left it.

I like how the story isn’t biased; it does not favor the old traditional westerners or the new age,Transcendental Meditates.  The author, Julie Long, gives both sides equal chance to express their arguments and/or feelings.  The love triangle is the only part I don’t like about this book.  It is too obvious which girl is better for Owen and whom will he choose at the end.  The farm’s destiny is the opposite, there were times I thought he might lose it or keep it.

Surprisingly, the novel is based on the real town of Fairfield, Iowa.  Some of the architectures and events did happen in real life.  I could not believe it when I read the author’s note, cause some of them are really extreme.

Side note: The publisher puts this book in the women’s fiction category.  Personally I do not think this is women’s fiction cause the main character is male.  However it does involve the main character’s life experiences-romance, career, friendship, family etc but Owen is not a woman.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Received a free ARC from publisher in exchanged for an honest review.


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