Book Review: House Trained by Jackie Bouchard


Title: House Trained
Author: Jackie Bouchard
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing/Amazon
ISBN: 9781503947122
Length: 291 Pages


Alex Halstad, a childless-by-choice interior designer and dog mom, is a true perfectionist. But her orderly life turns chaotic when the teenage daughter her husband, Barry, never knew he had shows up on their doorstep…with a baby girl of her own in tow. While Alex’s dog enthusiastically welcomes the new arrivals, Alex struggles with the loss of her steady routine. She desperately needs peace and quiet to get her business back on track before Barry finds out she’s spent most of their savings. Meanwhile, the arrival of the girls stirs up old insecurities, and Alex can’t help but worry that Barry’s ex will make an entrance too. With her tidy life a distant memory, will Alex be able to learn from her dog the true meaning of love and acceptance?

From bestselling author Jackie Bouchard comes a humorous and heartwarming look at how life creates opportunities to love in surprising ways.

My Review:

At first I was not so fond of the book.  In the first chapter, I felt like Bouchard was trying a little too hard to be funny.  However, about one-fifth through the book when Wren and Ruthie enter Alex’s life has changed the story.  From then on, I could not put the book down..  I like how Bouchard make a serious/deep topic into something humorous and light.

I love how Bourchard keeps comparing babies to dogs!  I do too tell my mom how having a puppy is like having a baby.  You have to train them (house, behavior and doing tricks), take them out every 3 hours including in the middle of the night, have a sitter if you plan on staying out and I even change my lifestyle a bit because of the dogs.

The title of the book and cover do mislead a little.  I thought the book was about dog, at least a little more toward that direction.  Other than that, I really enjoyed the book!

4 out of 5 stars

Received a free copy from BookSparks in exchange for an honest review.


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