Book Review: The Lucidity Project by Abbey Campbell Cook


Title: The Lucidity Project
Author: Abbey Campbell Cook
ISBN: 9781631520327
Publisher: She Writes Press


“The Lucidity Project” stirs readers to look at life and their abilities in an exhilarating new way. POPSUGAR Depression has haunted twenty-five-year-old Max Dorigan her entire life. After years of unsuccessful treatment and a failed suicide attempt, Max agrees to join The Lucidity Project, a program at a mysterious health and wellness resort in the Caribbean where, she soon finds, the people are just as troubled as she is, only in a different way. They claim to have psychic powers. They claim they can see ghosts. They claim Max is one of them. Max refuses to pay much attention until Dr. Micah McMoneagle, the charismatic head of the project, reveals he s found a way to allow people to enter each other s dreams. Now, instead of discussing their issues in talk therapy, Max and her new gifted friends can symbolically work through their problems on the astral plane. Together they embark on a magical, transformational journey through dreamtime to reveal the causes of the things that are holding them back an adventure that ultimately awakens them to who they really are, and what they came to earth to do.

My Review:

This book is full of para-normality.  I usually do not like to read the synopsis before reading the book, so I had no idea what I getting myself into when I first started reading this.  From the first chapter, I was not so sure about the book.  I did not want to read about depression and suicide.  These topics are just too sad. Then, I thought maybe it is more like the Inception, where the characters would explore themselves in dreams.  However, things got interesting fast: hippies, zombies, ghosts, psychic etc.

Once I got over the fact that anything would appear in this book, I was enjoying it.  The adventures were drawing me in to read more.  I wanted to know what happened and did not want to stop reading.

To summarize: weird, abnormal, unrealistic, well-written, great character development.

3.5 out of 5 stars
Received free copies from NetGalley and BookSparks Summer Reading Challenge 2016 in exchange for an honest review.


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