Audio Book Review: Virtually Perfect by Paige Roberts


Title: Virtually Perfect
Author: Paige Roberts
Narrator: Marguerite Gavin
Length: 9.40 Hours (unabridged)
ISBN: 9781538438039
Publisher: Blackstone Audio


Not so long ago, Lizzie Glass had a successful TV show, a cookbook deal, and a social diary crammed with parties and events. But fame doesn’t stay fresh for long. Her show fizzles, her magazine column is canceled, and Lizzie’s only option is a summer job as personal chef to the Silvesters, a wealthy and eccentric family.

Their beach house is a lavish, beautifully decorated palace on the Jersey Shore, and Lizzie gets to work catering to Kathryn and Jim Silvester’s fashionably restrictive diets. But it’s their
twentysomething daughter who presents Lizzie with her biggest challenge—professionally and personally. A self-proclaimed “wellness warrior,” Zoe Silvester has a hugely popular website and app that promotes healthy living and organic, unprocessed foods. Yet Lizzie soon realizes that the Clean Life site has a dirty little secret. In fact, Zoe’s entire online persona is based on a dangerous hoax that runs deep and will damage lives. Exposing Zoe won’t just jeopardize Lizzie’s job and a promising new relationship—it may expose the cracks in her own past.

Sharply observed, witty, and thoughtful, Paige Roberts’ debut novel is a compelling look at one woman’s journey toward reinventing herself—and seeing through the facade of others—to discover the imperfect but sometimes wonderful truth.

My Review:

Cooking or food theme books always catch my attention, so when I saw this one being offered I had to request it.  This book is your typical chick-lit book.  The girl has a career crisis.  She finds out her friends are not her true friends.  She is probably broke, and does not want her family to know or help.  Then, the perfect man would appear, and saves her from everything.  Even though the book was quite predictable, it was still enjoyable.  I really like the characters, especially Zoe.  She is a very interesting character, her perspective on life and family could be a book itself.   I wish Lizzy’s mom has a bigger part.  I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a fast entertaining read.

The narrating is good.  There is nothing special about it, but I can not find any negatives about it either.  The pace is perfect and relaxing.  The pronunciation is clear.  There are some slight differences among the characters’ voices, it was easy to differentiate who is talking.

4 out of 5 stars
Received a free copy from Audiobook Jukebox in exchange for an honest review.


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